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This is our observation:

There are many future architects out there, tirelessly pursuing their visions of a better future and seeking camaraderie in their audacious journeys. Seeing the interconnectedness of living systems, these kindred spirits are aligned in their purpose and orientation, but often lack the language, support, and resources to crystalize their comprehensive stance. Untethered from a center of gravity, they are limited in their ability to amplify collective impact.

Our proposition is three-fold:

  • Help future architects find each other by creating opportunities to gather around our collective efforts as we practice future architecture.
  • Aggregate and contextualize praxis, create a lexicon, and manifest a culture to institute high-impact collaborative endeavors.
  • Build the field of future architecture to attract and deploy game-changing resources in new ways.

Here are our core processes that help us realize our vision across our core audiences:


Community of Practice

The Guild is a membership organism. As members, we co-design annual convenings, local gatherings, digital meetups, and a variety of learning programs to bring our community together in meaningful ways that prioritize commitment and accountability.


Shared Future

The primary pursuit of the Guild is the identification, development, and cultivation of Shared Futures. We initiate a range of field and capacity building programs to drive systemic change with our members, partners, and supporters.


Shared Future is a potential reality born from the bold vision and dedicated stewardship of future architects seeking transformational impact to advance justice, inclusion, and shared prosperity in the community.


Collective Wisdom

We embody an intelligent system to capture, synthesize and share know-how emerging from the practice of future architecture. This is a value we gift to the world in the form of research, open data, resource exchange, and the creative use of media.

We welcome collaboration and partnerships to help you find the future architect in yourself or your organization to actualize systemic change and build more beautiful futures.

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