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Why a Guild?

The Guild of Future Architects is a home, refuge and resource for people collaboratively shaping a kind, just, inclusive, and prosperous world.

Historically, guilds acted as safe spaces where tradespeople could hone their craft through the exchange of knowledge and resources. The 21st century demands a reimagined guild that prioritizes the collective interests of humanity, and a new craft called future architecture is emerging to integrate such intention with our collective wisdom. The Guild of Future Architects aims to provide a gravitational force to reorient and reorganize the world’s resources for the flourishing of this craft in pursuit of shared prosperity. It is home to people who seek to effectively address the critical issues of our time through active collaboration. Today’s funding paradigm — in all sectors spanning across for-profits and non-profits — tends to favor competition over collaboration, resulting in serious resource fragmentation and cannibalization. The Guild is designed for those in need of comprehensive support to cultivate intersectional, context-driven, and systems-level collaborations.