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What is a Shared Future?

A Shared Future is a potential reality born from the bold vision and dedicated stewardship of future architects seeking long-view and transformational impact to advance justice, inclusion and shared prosperity.

Think of a Shared Future as the cousin of a Startup. They are both organized endeavors to bring innovation to humanity, only a Startup prioritizes the Market; and a Shared Future prioritizes the Commons.

Market vs Commons comparison

Shared Future vs Startup

The Commons
The Market
Multi-stream funding: Patronage, charity, investment, debt, public support
Funded primarily by investment and debt
Community Model
Business Model
Collaboration-led; Competition-support;
Competition-led; Collaboration-support;

A Shared Future typically goes through four stages of non-linear development:


A fluid state of curiosity and curation to identify the shape of collaboration: passions, values, challenges, opportunities, collaborators and resources.


An intense period to articulate visions, align values, build capacity, attract resources and prototype concepts and processes.


A steady growth period to iterate, learn and integrate. The growth of a Shared Future is measured by values alignment and stakeholder engagement that lead to demonstrable shared prosperity.


In reaching this stage the Shared Future has become scalable, portable, translatable and replicable. It graduates into a Shared Reality fully embedded into the daily lives of the community, and it will be up to the community to contextually determine its own self-organizing patterns.