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Shared Future Programs


Resource Curation

Working with members actively building Shared Futures, the Guild’s development team helps to connect projects and funders with aligned values, interest areas and impact objectives. In addition, we identify common layers of infrastructure offerings to optimize available shared resources.


Flagship Incubator

The Guild’s cohort-based program to support the rapid development of Shared Futures. Through a combination of fellowship grant, retreat-style immersions, advisory work sessions and assistance in content creation, the program culminates in a Shared Future Share Day for each cohort to present to a group of stakeholders and stewards for further resource mobilization.


Specialty Incubator

This is a partnership-based program that customizes aspects of the flagship incubator for a partner organization’s constituency. The goal is to help the partner organization spark a collective imagination process that values shared prosperity, justice and beauty within their stakeholder community, and to encourage the discovery and formation of Shared Futures.