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Coming Together

Past Events

Member event Blackstar Film Fest

Blackstar Film Fest

BlackStar creates the spaces and resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists working outside of the confines of genre. We do this by producing year-round programs including film screenings, exhibitions, an annual film festival, a filmmaker seminar, a film production lab, and a journal of visual culture.

Member event Stephanie Dinkins: On Love & Data

Stephanie Dinkins: On Love & Data

Stamps Gallery presents the first sur­vey of renowned trans­me­dia artist Stephanie Dink­ins, who has become nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally rec­og­nized for expos­ing bias and inequity within arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence sys­tems. Dinkins weaves together art pro­duc­tion and exhi­bi­tion, com­mu­nity-based work­shops and pub­lic speak­ing all with the inten­tion of encour­ag­ing action towards mak­ing arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence sys­tems more inclu­sive, acces­si­ble and transparent.

Member event Conference on consciousness and Jain philosophy

Conference on consciousness and Jain philosophy

An interdisciplinary conference to connect philosophers, religious studies scholars, and scientists in exploring Jain philosophy and the scientific study of consciousness. We welcome scholars from any field of study to submit their paper on consciousness to foster a global dialogue on the study of consciousness and its global impact.

Member event Traveling the Interstitium at Sundance 2021

Traveling the Interstitium at Sundance 2021

Join GoFA at Sundance 2021 as we debut Traveling the Interstitium with Octavia Butler, an interactive WebXR experience created by five groundbreaking Black artists: idris brewster, Stephanie Dinkins, Ari Melenciano, Sophia Nahli Allison, and innovative filmmaker Terence Nance, who gathered inspiration by the ideas of science fiction author Octavia Butler.

Guild event Share Day 2020

Share Day 2020

Share Day is a gathering of the Guild community with supporters for resource mobilization around the four projects developed in our inaugural Shared Future Incubator. We’ll hear from each of the four projects and learn more in small group sessions, participate and connect, and share our hopes for the future.

Member event Race & Tech Book Club

Race & Tech Book Club

On the last Thursday of every month, AI4thePeople invites an author to discuss the latest books on race and tech.

The first step towards moving towards just technological futures is to develop a shared knowledge base.

The sessions take place at 9am PST/ noon EST/ 5pm in London.

Come join us.

Member event Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power

The COVID Policy Rapid Response Team is becoming the Future of Citizenry. We're imagining what it means to be a good citizen and the multi-racial, ethnic and generational BLM protests.

We'll speak with Chaédria LaBouvier - the first Black person to curate an independent show at the Guggenheim - about speaking truth to power.

Member event Designing Prismatic Black Radical Futures

Designing Prismatic Black Radical Futures

What happens when you put 10 global Black innovators together for weekly calls to imagine beautiful worlds? Let's find out as the fellows share their learnings, ideas, dreams, and lessons from the past 6 weeks of research, conversation, and speculation.

Join us for a series on Designing Prismatic Black Radical Futures.

Member event Inclusive Media Futures (Lecture Series)

Inclusive Media Futures (Lecture Series)

GSU CMII invites you to join this lecture series on inclusive media futures with Kamal Sinclair, Jessica Clark, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Salome Asega, Sarah Wolozin, Paisley Smith, John Rich, Yasmin Elayat, Ari Melanciano, and Ahmed Best.

Based on the research and book, Making a New Reality, we'll discuss inclusive creative ecosystems/economies/media futures.

Member event Conversation with Grace Lee & Marjan Safinia

Conversation with Grace Lee & Marjan Safinia

The GoFA Policy and Advocacy Task Force has become the Future of Citizenry, envisioning a future where we ALL advocate for justice and equity for marginalized groups in society.

We invite you to a conversation with filmmakers Grace Lee, Marjan Safinia, and voting rights activist Nse Ufot to discuss their documentary She Could Be Next.

Member event The Future Made By Us: Workshop Series

The Future Made By Us: Workshop Series

You’ve made your wish for the future. What comes next?
Made By Us can help you get there.

We invite you to join this workshop series to tap into our own power to shape the future with different techniques that futurists and innovators use to connect vision to action.

Member event Techno-Racism & Human Rights with the UN

Techno-Racism & Human Rights with the UN

The Digital Welfare State and Human Rights Project, based at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU Law, presents an event together with the Special Rapporteur about her recent report to the UN Human Rights Council on racial discrimination and emerging digital technologies.

Guild event Futurist Writers’ Room: 20 Decades of 2020

Futurist Writers’ Room: 20 Decades of 2020

Join the Futurist Writers' Room for a series of gatherings to "imagine the past and remember the future." Co-creating speculative histories and futures is a powerful way to understand our role in the present.

We'll enter possible futures through the power of collective imagination to co-create a new reality.

Guild event Future Imagination Summit

Future Imagination Summit

You’re invited to join a dynamic collective of people from art, media, technology, and academia to coordinate a shared mission to catalyze an inclusive and democratized imagination of the future.

Guild event Guild of Future Architects Inaugural Convening

Guild of Future Architects Inaugural Convening

Join us on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Brooklyn for the inaugural convening of the Guild of Future Architects, supported generously by Ford Foundation’s JustFilms and NYU's Tisch Future Imagination Fund.