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Members are encouraged to pursue the embodiment of the core values of future architecture, each defined with an essential quality (i.e. beauty) further contextualized by a supporting element (i.e. transcendence). For example, we value nature because it checks the power of technology; we value context because we live with increasing complexity; we understand that our identity biases prevent us from fulfilling a universal human need: a true sense of belonging.

  • Beauty
    as an elevating force to transcendence
  • Nature
    as a wise companion to technology
  • Courage
    as an essential driver of imagination
  • Faith
    as a grounding anchor of embodiment
  • Context
    as a powerful navigator of complexity
  • Connection
    as a fluid conduit of creativity
  • Justice
    as a mandatory foundation of harmony
  • Inclusion
    as a generous cultivator of belonging

Members endeavor to adhere to the following principles that guide the consistent practice of future architecture.

Refrain from defaulting to norm

Driven by genuine curiosity, we are committed to honing our skills to listen, observe and raise questions. We are wary of making assumptions or jumping to conclusions without making space for the uncommon or unexpected.

Develop trust as currency

Money is the currency for transactions, while trust is the currency for relationships. We believe our future depends on our ability to build meaningful and fulfilling relationships with one another based on trust, acknowledging that trust has to be earned.

Be mindful of the power of language

We are dedicated to the art of languaging because we understand its power to shape reality. Our entire construct of the world depends on the languages we know. What we perceive isn’t what the universe has defined, but what our brains have learned to label.

Participate in cultivating holistic safety

We move beyond trends and rhetorics to expand the spectrum of diversity. In order to practice authentic inclusion, we respect differences in all shapes and forms to foster physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual safety.

Engage in ethical innovation

Just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should. We don’t believe in innovation for the sake of innovation. We also avoid pursuing innovation to benefit the elite exclusively or to sustain inequitable power structures. Ethical innovation means doing things differently to serve the underserved.

Commit to long view amid urgency

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the urgency to tackle the greatest challenges of our time requires us to slow down, step back and take a long view. We don’t want to be addicted to quick fixes and seduced by short-term success.

Foster individual agency for collective action

We empower each other. Prevailing lack of individual agency is what causes withdrawal on a mass level. Creating a more beautiful world for more people requires unlocking each unique individual’s potential in order to reveal the beauty of collective action.

Take personal responsibility for the greater good

We cannot navigate constant change and increasing complexity if we surrender our individual rights and responsibilities to monolithic organizations (states, industries, corporations). Personal interest anchored by personal responsibility sets the most enduring foundation for pursuing the greater good.

Rebalance collaboration and competition

We do not indiscriminately promote collaboration over competition. We believe our culture has over-indexed and over-resourced competition, thus creating a perpetuating tendency toward a scarcity mindset. We work hard to achieve a healthier balance for enlightened progress.

Think in revolution, act in evolution

We liberate ourselves from calcifying cultural beliefs in order to mindfully guide the evolution of human society. We do not want to think incrementally and act recklessly. Radical imagination coupled with measured experimentation is what creates meaningful impact.