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Learning Programs

The Guild is dedicated to prototyping and curating a variety of learning programs. Check back for updates.

Futurist Writers’ Room

Informed by an in-depth reflection on the past, this is a program that catalyzes the collective imagination of the future as a fundamental step to developing or evolving Shared Futures.

Group Dynamics Dojo

Workshops that help teams with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to negotiate and align the intangible — identity, values, meaning, purpose, motivation, biases, power dynamics, money trauma — so they can build deep trust and creative flow to operate beyond conventional social constructs such as institution and hierarchy.

5C Meditations

Meditations from a diverse and intersectional bibliography of sources that support a life-long journey toward mastery of five elemental skills (the 5Cs): Curiosity, Curation, Coordination, Commitment, and Creation. These deep meditation journeys combine storytelling with somatic movement to help equip teams pursuing Shared Futures to orchestrate effective processes and cultivate meaningful collective growth.

Story Rule Money Workshops

A set of planning tools that help collaborators design for a shift in the stories (narratives) that inform people within a system, the rules (incentives) that create opportunities and constraints, and the money (resource allocation and generation) that fuel any endeavor to thrive. These tools help collaborators think through how story, rule, and money must change to bring the reality they envision into being.

The Community Model Canvas

A planning tool. Akin to the relationship between a business model and a start-up, a community model provides the blueprint for the strategic experimentation of Shared Futures.